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Crosscut Farm and Orchard

1209 Farmer Road, Julian, CA 92036

Frequently Asked Questions: Fall Farm Tour


- What kind of apple varieties do you have?

There are 350 mature trees and 450 young trees, for a total of 800 apple trees. 
3 primary types of apples on the property:
Golden Delicious apples are sweet, mostly green with a red blush,
Jonathon are sweet but are a little more tart, mostly red with green highlights,
Liberty are dark red with yellow flesh, sweet like a McIntosh but a little tarter.

Empire, Fuji and Honeycrisp in limited amounts
Organic practices used. We do not spray our trees! 



-What is the weather like in Julian?
Please check the weather forecast for Julian, California before making the trip.  Weather extremes are more common in the mountains.

- Are dogs allowed?
Yes! Well behaved, leashed dogs are allowed.

- Is there on-site parking available?
Yes! Parking is available on the property. For directions, please click here.

- Do you have restroom facilities on-site?
Yes! A portable toilet is available for use on-site. 

- Is there a group minimum requirement? 
There is no minimum requirement. 

- I have a school bus, can you accommodate us?
Yes!  We have a large open area that can accomodate large vehicles. 

- Can I make a purchase on-line?
All sales are on-site.

- Can I just show up and pay?
Yes.   We required reservations in previous years but we are trying something new this year.  We hope you will like the change. 

-I want to make my own cider am I limited to buy 1 gallon?

We have half and full gallon bottles and can adapt to your needs.  However, expect a higher price if you want more than a gallon.  

-Does Upress cider include instructions on how to press cider?

Yes.  We will also have funnels, cheese cloth and everything you need to make your own cider.

-What is included in the hard cider ket?

Included with the hard cider kit is a fermenting bubble, cider yeast, bottle stopper and written instructions on how to make hard cider. 

- What forms of payment do you accept for retail purchases?
Cash and credit card. Credit card purchases require a $5 minimum and a photo ID.

- Will you have food available for purchase?
Fresh pressed apple cider from Apple Lane Orchard will be available for purchase, but we will not have food available for purchase.

- Can we bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on your property ?
Yes! The property has shade trees and beautiful views and will be perfect for a picnic. Please bring a blanket to sit on as we have limited picnic tables.


1209 Farmer Road
Julian, CA 92036

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